Charlotte Small Hawks

The Grade 6 Charlotte Small Hawks play in the Wild Rose South Middle Schools Athletic Association, competing against teams from Rocky Mountain House, Caroline, Ta Otha, Sunchild, and O’Chiese. 

We participate in cross country running, volleyball, basketball, badminton, and track/field.


The Charlotte Small Hawks were founded in 2022 as a class activity by former Condor School students.  The Hawks were chosen because they represent strength, intelligence, and focus.  Students felt that Charlotte Small would have had a connection with Hawks in her travels.  Our uniform was chosen with intent as well.  The natural world is represented by the green and the blue waves represent the water that would have carried Charlotte Small during her voyages.


Several other opportunities are provided at Charlotte Small as well.  Students in Gr. 4-6 have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the National Archery in Schools Program.  All students get to do a swim program in Rocky Mountain House and all students have access to our own, on site, skating rink with a heated prep shack.  This continues to be one of the identifying features of our rural school and has been so for generations.



Expanding Access to Sports for Alberta's Youth

A message from Alberta Government.

Budget 2024 will allocate $8 million to the Every Kid Can Play Program, aiming to eliminate financial hurdles and make sports accessible to all children in Alberta. Recognizing the vital role of sports in developing healthy habits and essential life skills like teamwork and leadership, this initiative seeks to ensure every child in the province has the opportunity to engage in sports and recreational activities. The program will offer financial assistance to families and grants to non-profits, building on last year's success in aiding over 8,500 children and enhancing numerous youth-centric community programs. Be sure to share the link above with families and community-level non-profit organizations that could benefit from the grant funding.

Please click on the link for more details on this program.

Every Kid Can Play Program